Monday, September 8, 2014

The Blank Canvas Blog Hop!

Are you familiar with that feeling one gets as you're facing a task and you just don't know where to begin? Well artists aren't any different from any other person who hasn't a clue of where start a new project!

It's often a scary place -- especially when that blank canvas, book, piece of paper, quilt, chunk of marble is just sitting there! For an artist this can be a terrifying place to be. Doubts loom and often a litany of self-criticism rises to the forefront. The Muses have left the house. What if they don't come back? 

Luckily after many years of dealing with the Blank Canvas -- or in my case the "Blank Book Page Spread" (since I primarily alter books) -- I've learned a few tricks on how to get the creative juices flowing. And so have 16 artists in the Blank Canvas Blog Hop. Each of these artists share experiences on how they jump start their creativity PLUS each is having a drawing for a giveaway. So hop on over to the first artist, Karen Friedland on Monday, September 8th. 

And return to my blog on September 15th to see what I do to get myself moving in the flow -- and to enter for a chance to win one of my Wild Spirit Animal pendant necklaces!

BLOG HOP ROSTER for ARTISTS -- Follow the links to each day's artist to get tips on addressing the Blank Canvas and how to participate in their drawing for a free gift! And if you come in late to this Blog Hop you can go to any of the earlier artists' pages to see their tips and enter their giveaway contest (Sept 8-22).

Earlier Participants!
1. Sept 8   Karen Friedland 
2. Tuesday Sept 9   Lezette Markham
3. Wednesday Sept 10 Cynthia Patton
4. Thursday Sept 11 Jennyann Carthern
5. Friday "Frenzy" Sept 12  Kiala Givehand
6. Saturday Sept 13 Jan Blount
7. Sunday Sept 14 Effy Wild
8. Monday Sept 15 Virginia Simpson-Magruder
9. Tuesday Sept 16 Dariana Cruz

10. Wednesday Sept 17 Susan Miller go here

Next in Line!
11. Thursday Sept 18 Grace howes 
12. Friday Sept 19 Tori Deaux 
13. Saturday Sept 20 Kiala Givehand
14. Sunday Sept 21 Martin Arkenstone 
15. Monday Sept 22 Nicole Piar

When you return on Sept 15 to here my tips on dealing with Blank Canvas Paralysis, you'll also have the opportunity to participate in my Wild Spirit Pendant Giveaway. First Like my Wild Spirit Animals Facebook Fan Page, and then Sign up for my monthly newsletter by clicking on the blue button in the column to the right of this post.

Wild Spirit Animal Pendant

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