Sunday, August 19, 2012

In My Studio: Reflections

When I create one of my oriel pendants it's because I am drawn to a specific image -- I like its color, its shape, its symbolic interpretations, the feelings it brings up in me. These could be feelings of reverence, humor, desire, joy, longing, wildness, adventure, beauty. My pendants are often iconic and people often react to them on this level. Something resonates and is representative of their inner workings -- their hopes, wishes, dreams, desires, loves, passion. When I wear one of my pendants I feel connected to something deep inside of me. I am remembering and celebrating perhaps a part of myself that needs acknowledgment and honoring -- celebrating. People have shared with me that they buy my oriels because something resonates within them as well. I like this exchange. I like this -- I like that they are drawn to a mirror of something positive within themselves and they desire ti acknowledge it and share it with the world.


  1. hey,Virginia!. long time no see... btw will the oriels posted above be on your etsy site?

  2. Hi Crissy! Great to hear from you! They probably need relisting -- thanks for the reminder -- I'll get to it later on today!