Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Je Dessine: Paris Couple

Last week Sabrina had a photo for me to work from -- a couple of friends of hers at a sidewalk Paris cafe. She asked me to make some quick warmup drawings -- making sure that I filled in every single piece of the paper. I got more and more irritated as I went along frustrated with my lack of detail and eye. Finally I was fuming and whining about the boring couple, table, and chairs. So Sabrina told me to start over. Draw whatever I wanted and add color to every single inch. I started slashing and scribbling using Portfolio water-soluble oil pastels, water and napkins, and even spit. The end result I kind of liked. It's just so unreasonable. I can sort of get into this kind of what-the-hell painting style. I can see that my irritation and anger cut something loose in me! I plan on attempting to transfer this or something similar to a canvas. (I sent a phone pic to my brother -- he asked if that was Munro and I in Paris? Yeah, I'd say maybe a bit!


  1. hi Virginia
    I love it
    very fauve Matisse and Raoul Dufy

  2. Thanks Joe -- I'm happy you like it! I definitely resonate to Matisse and the last time my husband and I were in Paris we saw a fab combined retrospective exhibit of both Jean and Raoul at the Monet Museum. I drooled over their work!