Monday, March 12, 2012

Je Dessine: My Office Companion

This painting was the first time that I used small sketches all over the canvas. Also the first time that I removed sketches I didn't like (originally my sleeping kitty was just a cat face).  I just painted right over them and redrew my cat sleeping in the office desk drawer and removed the woman and worked with the paint on the background. It really took a bit of hutzpah for me to do. Sabrina has been encouraging me for a long while to not get stuck on the way things look -- just keep altering and see where it leads me. It certainly freed me up to go exploring!


  1. I love your paintings of your cat.. I hope u have them framed or at least 'collaged' in an area in a room.

  2. ok so you paint too, lovely palette. Puts me in mind of Matisse or Bonnard

  3. Thanks Chrissy and Joe. My husband is threatening to steal this one, Chrissy. And Joe thank you so much for that compliment. I am playing at painting and enjoying it very much.