Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 938

Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 938: You Can Choose


  1. Wow Virginia - beautiful pages...and really day 900 and something! I'm very impressed! Is this a challenge just for yourself? Do you post them to your blog everyday? Thanks for sharing! Love what you've written in your profile about 'I have danced toward and away from art...' I can really relate to this. Good to be connected again through the RBBiZ Summit. I have a few journal entries from this weekend inspired from the Summit. Happy Sunday!

  2. Thanks so much Beth! I try to post the ones I've finished every couple of days -- sometimes I get behind and so there are a whole slew of them at once! I try to do one everyday but in the past year I find that with all of my other creative and biz activities I don't get to. But I DO create a page FOR I don't hassle myself -- I just get caught up eventually! This persona challenge is the primary reason I am doing art now full time! Thanks for reconnecting!