Monday, January 2, 2012

"Je Dessine" (I Draw): Show-and-Tell-Mondays

Owl Dance
I start back to my painting and drawing classes with Sabrina this Friday. I am wondering what will come out of me next? I never draw during the week, I don't practice. I just go to my classes with Sabrina and see what comes out during that hour and a half. The mystery of creation. It kind of makes me nervous, not planning, not practicing, not preparing. But it also is quite exciting -- jumping on that bobsled, that skateboard, that runnaway train and tossing my cards into the wind. That seems to be enough for me.

This is a painting I did in November before I took my holiday creativity break. I drew a Mexican coconut head/cross kachina doll dancing among the desert cacti with an owl. Funny little thing. Sometimes I greatly amuse myself.


  1. As always, love your drawings and paintings!

  2. A party of one (well, two, including me). At least via this medium!