Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Collage Cafe: Money, Christmas Cards, and Color!

Barry's "Nuministic Magnetism" Altered Book Spread
The Collage Cafe I held Saturday, January 14th was humming bed of altered book activity. Barry worked on his "Money and Success" altered book, using rubbings of collectible coins he brought with him, images cut out from a "numismatist" magazine (for coin collectors). I love the colors he chose and how he used a rubber stamp I had (which has four sides and features Roman and Greek coins) to make a frame around the image of Gable (now what stronger male image could one use to attract wealth, may I ask you?)
Judy's Christmas Greeting Card Altered Book
Judy wanted a way to save and present the Christmas cards she received this year, so I showed her how she could tie them or glue them into an altered book. She went to town with that idea, and used tissue paper and matt medium to make the cover. I love how all of the cards are tied in with recycled sari ribbons and form a colorful embellishment on the spine of the book.
Ingrid's "Garden of Eden" AB Spread
Ingrid continued on with an AB she passes to and from her mum in England. I showed her the credit card/acrylic technique of spreading paint on your pages, and she went to town and created an explosive, garden-of-Eden like spread, embellished with recycled banana fiber yarn and gold butterfly stickers.

And here's what they said about their experience:
"Being at Virginia's workshop is like being a kid again and developing your creative side, just playing around with crayons, colors, pencils and lots of glitter.  It is like being in kindergarten for grownups!!  It is a no-pressure, relaxing, fun experience!" -- Barry
"There is something so wonderful, nurturing, soothing, creative and healing going to Virginia's Collage Cafe at her studio in Hamilton Art Center in Novato.  Virginia is an excellent teacher, as she guides you and introduces some amazing ideas.  It is a chance to use a different part of yourself, that you can then access other times in your life.  I am learning to more and more trust my creative instincts that are awakened in the class.  I always come away with a beautiful outcome, lots of things happen unexpectedly, and it is a total joy to spend time with Virginia at her beautiful studio." -- Judy

For more information or to register for an Express Yourself! workshop or Collage Cafe gathering -- go to my website Kentucky Girl Designs. More photos of what people do in my workshops here.


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