Thursday, December 15, 2011

In My Travels: A Needed Vacation

Virginia Doing "Nothing"
Everyone needs a vacation to replenish, renew, rejuvenate -- yes? What about a vacation from creativity? I returned this year with my husband to the Four Seasons Resort at Punta Mita, as guests with our friends Bonnie and Larry. Lucky us. For some people it's hard -- very, very hard -- to resist the temptation to lie around and do "nothing" -- such as: sunbathing, and lying on canopied beds by the water, and dipping in the infinity pool, and of course sipping the local beverages and eating wonderful food.

But I rallied. And while Bonnie, Larry, and Munro got on their computers and answered emails, or dealt with business from afar -- well I, I did "nothing" for them too! (How generous of me!) This is perhaps the first vacation ever where I did "nothing". Well OK maybe I checked my email a couple of times (this is a very hard habit to break). And although I took an extra bag with art supplies and journals, only on the very last day did I do some color, tore out some pictures from magazines. Otherwise I just soaked up the sun, the balmy sea air, the tepid pools, ate, drink, and did nothing.

Now I'm back and time to catch up. It's the holidays...26 people for Christmas dinner! No time for nothing now!


  1. I haven never in my life stayed at a 4Seasons...and I had to google the Sad, aren't I? lol.. U shouldn't of left that warm weather!.

  2. Well -- If you ever get the chance you should go treat yourself! They sure know how to provide a "rich" experience!