Thursday, November 17, 2011

Featured Artist for Paperblanks Journals!

I am totally jazzed to announce that I was made a Featured Artist for Paperblanks Journals! You can go read about it here in their blog Behind the Books blog. I have been using a specific Paperblanks journal (Pocket Companions) exclusively in my Daily Journal Page Challenge -- making one journal page for every day of the year. Pocket Companions are small and handy and I really enjoy filling them and seeing them stack up (ore as you can see behind me they are now displayed across my art studio walls.) I now have filled 33 journals, with no end in sight! You can go here to my Flicker account to see the journal covers and go here to see Year One, Year Two, and Year Three (800+ page spreads). Or you can just browse through my posts here on this blog and enjoy bits of my art life.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I bet this leads to some free journals from Pb? I think the covers are fun to do as well...

  2. Thanks! The covers are usually the last thing I do...and don't have anything to do with the contents of the journal -- I put on it what grabs my attention in the moment!

  3. What a nice honor to be a featured artist !! You are an inspiration to the rest of us to complete a page a day. Nice picture of you with your journals.