Thursday, October 27, 2011

Express Yourself! Workshop September

  Emma's "Anatomy of the Heart" Altered Book Spread
This was my first Express Yourself! workshop held in my new art studio. I had four participants -- one who had been to quite a few earlier in the year, and three others who hadn't been before. I think the photos speak for themselves. Obviously something grabs hold of you when you open a used book and start laying down color. From a teaching POV -- it's often like watching a brush fire take hold, maybe the spark smolders a while, but then KABOOM! things start happening! Emma's talent was kind of awesome to behold -- her use of paint and color and images was totally different than anyone else's I've seen so far.

 Ingrid's Finished Pocket Spread -- "Beauty"
Ingrid has been to several of my workshops in the past and had returned to finish up some pages and complete a book. This pocket spread is bursting with color and embellishments, and she brilliantly brought the arms and hands out of slots cut into the image's head so that they would appear to stream along with her hair.

Shara's "Feel the Heat" Spread

Shara, with her typical jump-in-with-all-ya'-got style, took a fairy book for children and started to transform into a wildlife sanctuary that speaks of her kinship with animals. Love the boldness and use of the floral reeds!

Cecile's "Through Hell into Heaven" AB Spread
Cecile's strong design sense came with a BANG to the surface in her first-ever book spread. She was totally excited about what came out of her. And what a yummy use of browns and tans.

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  1. The last 3 really stand out, V!. wow....dimension and color are awesome.