Saturday, August 6, 2011

Altered Book Spread: Side Pocket Technique

Altered Book Spread: Look What I Found
Side pocket technique
I love making pockets in altered books -- I can stuff all sorts of things into them -- photos, tickets, pieces of beautiful paper or ribbon , cool text headlines I've cut out from magazines -- the flotsam and jetsam of my life. Although this is hard to tell in this photo -- there are two horizontal pockets here: one directly behind the house image and one that includes the house and the green section glued to the front of it -- you can see some of the headline I stuck in it "Look What I Found"). To make pockets like these: Glue three pages together (color them or add pictures -- here I added some flower garden pictures). Then glue two more pages together, then tear or cut off 1/3 of these pages. In this spread, I cut the pages too short -- but went ahead with what I had done and added double-stick tape to the edges, top and bottom, and stuck them to the first three pages I glued together. Then you take two more pages and glue them together, then t ear these so only 1/3 of the pages remain. To make this section a deeper pocket, I glued the image of a house to the back of it. Probably none of these directions make sense -- but the most important thing is that after you tear your pages, you glue or tape the top and bottom edges of the pages to the preceding pages -- this makes the pocket!