Monday, March 14, 2011

"Je Dessine" ("I Draw") Show-and-Tell Mondays

Drawing: Marsha in Rocking Chair 3.8.11
 In my drawing lesson last Tuesday, Sabrina said that I was going to have my first color painting lesson -- so don't worry about the details -- just get a quick sketch down then go at it. Our model was Marsha today. She sat in the old rocker and I quickly (HAH!) drew her, the chair, and a down coat. I worked with both acrylics and Neocolor 2 crayons. I felt kind of out of control -- but the main thing I learn over and over again is not to think -- JUST DO! Sabrina liked the colors I chose and the way I painted her pant legs (which I thought were pretty ugly -- so much for what I think!). I also brought home a drawing I did of Sabrina and a floral arrangement sometime last fall and colored with Neocolors. I like the kind of quick, abstract way way I did it. It's been fun to see my artistic fits and starts over the last year. And today I drew in one of my journal posts. So that's my Show-and-Tell Monday!
Drawing: Sabrina and Orchid Fall 2010


  1. ooooooh ahhhhhh! love these! espec. sabrina...
    oh my goodness! it is so lovely to see you emerge like this...gorgeous, dear one!!! xox

  2. Thanks Rachel! I like that one too. It kind of hints of things to come...