Monday, March 7, 2011

"Je Dessine" ("I Draw") Show-and-Tell Mondays

Gesture Drawing: Four Hats 3.1.11
Well, I am very behind on all of my Daily Pages and postings. I have been creating everyday because I have been attending the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit and doing exercises from The Right Brain Business Plan book by Jennifer Lee, all creatively executed. I'll be posting more about this terrific course this week. But I do have these drawings I made last week. I returned to my weekly drawing lessons with Madame Sabrina TerHeune. The last lesson that I had was in October. I took a long break because of a month-long flue, a heavy dance performance, and the holidays. I took her all of the drawing I had made since I started my commitment to draw every week. She was thrilled with my work and could see what I took away with me from our sessions...she was very, very pleased. We also spoke French in the class -- which was great since I am going to Paris in April with my husband (in April we celebrate out 30th wedding anniversary!. I have been taking les lecons francais for 3 months in preparation for my trip.
Imaginary Drawing: Paris Tea 3.1.11
Here are two drawings from class last week -- I felt awkward but just forged onward -- I seem to be doing that more and more in my life nowadays -- and I am certainly getting more done when I don't tarry on the task at hand! And here is a drawing that I made last September. I like the strength in it, and somehow it speaks of where I am heading.
Pup in Lap 9.21.10

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