Monday, February 28, 2011

"Je Dessine" ("I Draw") Show-and-Tell Mondays

Contour Line Drawing: Dentist Rinse Cup

I think it's interesting that I drew this sweet little cup and hearts on the wall (all imagined -- it's not that colorful or creatively decorated) waiting for my dentist. The week before I had experienced a Godzilla of a dental technician torturing me with her gum shredding equipment. My dentist is an angel. Must be a bad cop good cop routine.


  1. Very funny post! I was intrigued by the cute little Dentist Rinse Cup and thought about how my dentist doesn't even have a cup - just a sprayer. Then I saw that you fancied it up. I like your version much better than the real cup, and even better than the plain old sprayer! nancy

  2. I love your commitment to your drawing, and your posting of them. I think they are totally cool. You have already inspired me to do my own one-a-day journal (started Jan. 1), and maybe I will be brave enough like you to post . . . .