Monday, February 14, 2011

Je Dessine ("I Draw") Show-and-Tell Monday

Cubist Cat and Coffee Cups
Continuing on with my sketching, I also started the exercises in Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab. I've had the book on my shelves for a while but a few posts ago a reader said she was having some success with this book. So I pulled it out and will report back with the results as I go. The first exercise is to draw imaginary cats while in bed. I suppose this is a way to keep you relaxed and also a bit of fun. Quite a number of my cats (and one or two lion-like creatures) seemed to have humorous expressions on their little faces. Mind you this exercise was a bit anxiety producing because to me I don't seem to have a very good memory. So I really feel that I am drawing in the dark. But Carla's animals as depicted in her drawings are all a little strange and fantastical. So who cares? I kind of like the group I came up with -- they do have personalities! I tried to start another page of cats, but got tired, or bored, so stopped with my Picasso-cubist-cat. The coffee cups I added a few days later.
Collage Lab Exercise One: Cats In Bed


  1. Hey! I'm working out of the same book! Our fabulous minds thinking alike :)

  2. Have to get back on track and tackle the next lesson -- maybe I can sneak it into my "FB weekend goals" list!