Monday, January 24, 2011

Je Dessine ("I Draw") Show-and-Tell Monday

I am never going to be able to draw to my own personal satisfaction if I don't challenge myself! Last year I made the commitment of taking a drawing class every week. These were the first art lessons I had ever taken in my life. I had a patient, 85-year old teacher, Ms. Sabrina Terheune. She was fabulous and was always positive. We took a break from classes in the late fall and I have not yet restarted.
I realized that the degree to which you develop your drawing skills is related to how much you practice. The classes with Sabrina showed me that I could indeed draw, but I was not inclined to practice in between my classes. This month I decided that if I were to return to my classes I would first need to establish a drawing discipline.

And to help foster this I need to post my drawings regularly. Not everyday -- but at least once a week. So no matter what my drawings look like, I'm going to hold myself to this. Oh, I'm cringing at the thought. But I want to get past that inner critic and just go for it.
And I want to develop a style and feel a freedom in it. Bottom line, having personal art challenges (like my Daily Journal Page Challenge) and posting my work on my blog makes me be accountable to myself. So I am committing to posting one drawing every Monday for at least three months, and then reevaluate. This group of self portraits is my first submission -- I drew these over the past month.

They are all pretty scary to me. But what's also interesting is that I can also see something evolving from the first to the most recent. Just little things here and there -- from the eyes to the hair to the shape of the face to the style. Interesting...


  1. I think it's wonderful that you're choosing to work with your drawing. It amazes me how my skills get better or worse depending on how much I'm sketching. The other side of the equation is the artists eye, in my opinion. Without practicing how to see, it's impossible to truly portray the world.

  2. V, I think it has to do w/the mood one is in.. when I was doing journal pages yesterday, my mood wasn't what it usually is.. usually i have an easy time finding the words as well as the right photo... it wasn't doing happening.. K. was bugging me and the page I did yesterday just wasn't quite how I pictured it would be...

  3. btw the second drawing isn't 'old'...u remind me of an actress whose name has gone kaput in my head... i like it...the others show what mood u may have been in...the one below the 'old' one looks quirky, fun... further down ' don't mess w/me look'.

  4. oh, you have totally inspired me! I have been playing on and off with blind(ish) contour drawings and I love the freedom from perfection that they allow me. All about looking and moving my pen. I too need to commit to a practice because that is the only way to really grow ...

    Have you seen the book Drawing Lab? It has a lot of great exercises/tips and perfect for supporting a regular practic ( I posted a drawing I did of my daughter, but you've inspired me to share my self portrait which is rather, er, wild? Wild as in out of the asylum?
    Keep going! So much life and energy in each one! xo Lis

  5. Brava to you for beginning and now,being willing to practice.

    I am so grateful I found you today via CED2011~!

    Read my CED2011 check in here!

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments and support in my drawing adventure! It's really great to know there are like-minded and sympathetic souls out there scribbling away like a first grader (or older!). And yes, Lis, I've got the book Drawing Lab -- just haven't opened it yet. I'll do that this week.

  7. These are terrific -- don't scare me at all! And the first and the last one actually LOOK LIKE YOU (in a good way -- I mean, you are drawing representationally . . .which I admire totally). Congrats on your commitment, bravery and spirit.