Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catchin Up...Express Yourself! Altered Book Workshop

Sophie's Altered Book Page: Muse
Sophie's Altered Book Page: Found Poetry
Last Saturday I taught my first altered book workshop at Stage Dor Dance and Performance Space in Sausalito, CA. Eight brave and hearty souls showed up for two and a half hours of creative excellence. I love opening up new vistas to people. I have done this for the past 5 years in teaching Pole Dance, and occasionally in the art studio with friends and family. Doree's AB Page: When Women Come Out to Dance
I now had the opportunity to introduce a group of people to a highly personal and exploratory form of art. I like setting up and providing the structure for someone to move in a different direction, explore a different avenue, and notice how they can alter the path they've chosen to walk (or skip) down.

Doree's AB Page: Fresh
I would say that all of my participants were already accustomed to being creative in their lives. Going around the table there was: a dancer and choreographer, a costume designer, a shop instructor, a chiropractor/healer, an aspiring writer, a 16-year old (what 16-year-old girl is not naturally creative?), a graphic designer, a photographer, a circus acrobat. Devan Green's Second Spread and Cut-Out Window
Most of them might disagree with my assigning them these titles, but that's how I see them. These are the sides of themselves through which they either make a living, or actively pursue as a creative outlet. I just showed them a neat way to focus and explore their creativity. I really enjoyed this workshop, and being surrounded by these daring, creative people!

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  1. And we're so excited we have Virginia coming back to teach us at least once, maybe twice a month! This process is so engaging, I've become totally possessed and obsessed with it. It's intoxicating, especially when you have Virginia's work to look through and get inspired by. I never knew I had all this in me just waiting to explode out - thank you V, for being my coach, my guide, and my muse! /slh

  2. Thanks so much, Sophie! I'm having such a great time with you!