Thursday, July 15, 2010

Studio Time Challenge -- Day 9

Altered Book: Earth in Balance (Discovery Spread)

Altered Book: Earth in Balance (Front)
Altered Book: Earth in Balance (Back)
Well, getting into the studio this week everyday was a bust. I just couldn't make art a priority. I could blame the 3 hours a day I spent at the Theatrical Camp I'm attending, but really that's only 3 hours out of 16 waking hours. So, what happened? It's not that I'm not being creative -- I think all my energy is just pouring into new venues -- new dance styles (Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop) and acting, and singing lessons. Today I did spend 5 hours in my art studio. I finished my Earth in Balance Altered Book. I feel great about that -- and I had forgotten how much fun it is working in this medium. With this book I tried to express my feelings about the necessity of bringing back to the world the Feminine -- in order to heal and bring nature back into balance.
I also filled the tin (Altoid) box with leaves, acorns, and animal power medicine cards, then tied it up with ribbon and slide it into the niche I had created in the book.

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