Thursday, July 1, 2010

Studio Time Challenge -- Day 4

Jen's Garden of Soul Board Book
I had an unexpected visitor to my studio today. Actually I knew she was coming -- it was my friend Jen. She came up to work on my cat Angelina. Afterwards I invited her to come do art with me in my studio. I set her up with a children's board book and gave her some ideas on doing a collage spread in it and she just buzzed along. I like how her spread has a very light, organic feel to it. She picked one image of a young girl. I asked her who this was to her -- she said "me, me waiting to bring out the garden in me...". Well, I think she did!
Studio Time Challenge -- Day 4: Earth in Balance Altered Book
While Jen was working on her spread, I picked up another partially altered book from years back) and started to work on it. This was a book by Al Gore -- Earth in Balance. I had never gotten any further than gluing most of the pages together, cutting out a niche and making a drawer out of an Altoids tin. I did the front cover, which shows John Muir, an Indian woman making an offering, and one of my red-haired "ladies" (yes, one of my alternate selves), peeking out through the branches. I am certain Muir felt the feminine in nature. He definitely felt its sacredness. I have already spent my prerequisite 2 hours studio time for today, but am going back for more!


  1. I like Jen's page... it has a vintage look to it..and yours definitely reflect the earth!.love the colors

  2. I wish you lived near by so we could play :)!