Friday, July 16, 2010

Studio Time Challenge -- Day 10

Box Construction: Pegasus in January Skies
I spent 5 hours again today in my studio. Some of the time spent with Sophie, some on my own. Today I made a shadow box out of an altered page calendar I did in 2004. Twelve artists each choose a month: mine was January. Cold, deep blue skies and constellations seemed appropriate for that winter month. Thinking of the constellation Pegasus, I found an old engraving on the net and used that image as my center piece. The background is book page about yearly resolutions; I handwrote mine -- see, create, dream, believe, imagine. It is such a lovely collage and it has been languishing on my art studio wall, so today I decided to give it a home by making it into a box. I found the perfect shadow box that has a hinged front. I painted the outside with Lumiere paints, gray, green, and halo blue/green. I happened to have a page of crystal stars and used them in varying sizes. Simple. I like going through my studio and completing projects, items that have just lain around gathering dust. Freeing up energy for new projects perhaps.

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