Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Studio Time Challenge -- Day 3

Studio Time Challenge -- Day 3 Stuff (altered book and oriels)
No way I could get into the studio yesterday -- except for 15 minutes to do my Daily Page. Too many meetings and errands. But I can do my pages anywhere -- lots of time I create them while sitting in front of the television catching up on shows. Day 3. Easier to get into the studio today and actually spent closer to three hours than two. Worked on a spread from an unfinished altered book I started a number of years ago. Title of the book I picked way back when -- A Round-Heeled Woman -- by Jane Juska. Non-fiction about the author's coming into her sexuality late in life after a divorce. Nicely written and much humor with a touch of chagrin. I felt this book was the perfect altered book for my giving voice to my own sexual awakening. Should I blush here? But baby mine started when I was born. So did yours! And every day is a sexual awakening -- and I'm not just talkin' about sex here if you know what I mean -- sex is the sum of the parts, the senses, the meat of life. I guess vitality, sensuality are better words. Anyway, enough said on this here subject! I also finished up another oriel called Snake Charmer, and an Itsy Bitsy to accompany it.


  1. V., I like it... I see u are using different material to hang the oriel from... what's the pic of the little one?

  2. Yes, I found a line of pretty cool eyeglass holders. I remove the loop (that you stick your eyeglass frame through) and hang an oriel off them if they look like they can go together. The Itsy Bitsy is actually bits of two ribbons -- the ones I used on the back and front of the Snake Charmer. I'm posting these next as my Week 5 Pendant Challenge so you'll be able to see them up close.