Friday, June 25, 2010

Studio Time Challenge -- Day 1

Studio Time Challenge -- Day 1: Daily Journal Page (to the right), Supplies,
and My Current "Text Book" (to the left)

My first real day of my personal art challenge to spend 2 hours in my art studio, 5 days a week (a minimum goal to start with). My new friend Sophie came to work with me in the studio. In exchange for her getting my Kentucky Girl Designs website set up, I'm teaching her some collage and altered book techniques and giving her free rein of supplies and materials. Let me tell you, this is a win-win situation! I guess I spent close to 3 hours (so far) in the studio today. First spent around 40 minutes cleaning up in prep for Sophie's visit. I totally enjoyed having her in the studio and sharing techniques with her. It always seems to motivate me to work with another person. While Sophie was here, I created my daily journal page, and then soldered the custom animal totem oriel I am currently working on (Philippine Eagle Serpent), as well as a Wolf animal totem oriel. BTW, Sophie has a great blog, A Passion for Living, and as a writer she weaves magic with her words. This is a blog to keep checking in on, so stop by and enjoy.

Sophie Creating Pages for Her Altered Book


  1. Oh I wish we lived close, I would love to play in your studio and invite you to mine! Looks like fun.