Thursday, May 13, 2010

Street Fair Prep: Trial Booth Set Up

Trial Run Set Up
In my prep for my participation in the upcoming Caledonia Spring Street Faire in Sausalito, I decided to do a pre-booth set up to get a hold on what I still needed to do within my 2-week deadline. I asked my girlfriend Shara (queen of space design, decoration and tchotchke placement) to help me. Prior to our meeting I picked up my EZ-Tent from the local hardware store. Meeting back at the house we "easily" (with a few minor comedic errors) set up the tent under our old oak in the front yard and opened the tables. Next was bringing out "stuff" from my art studio: altered journals and books, oriel pendants, necklaces, ribbons, chains, assemblages, framed collages, more jewelry, notecards, vintage boxes and mannequins for display....Kentucky Girl Magical Stuff
It all fell together very easily, and within about 3 hours, had things arranged, categorized, and knew what holes needed to be filled and where. I also took photos to refer to when we set up Sunday morning (May 30th), everything will be grouped in boxes, and set up should go pretty quickly. Now back into my studio to make more oriels! To tell you the truth it felt good to see it all out there in the daylight.

Inspector Numero Uno (Angelina Beautyquina)
Inspector Number 2 (Zeus the Magnificat)
P.S. I should not fail to mention that Shara and I had two very important, nay essential, helpers that did their share of overseeing, inspecting, and channeling good vibes.


  1. I wish u were doing an art fair down here like at the Santa Monica Civic in the Fall- (hint, hint)
    love the display and glad u r showing off your journal pages.

  2. Your display area looks fantastic, Virginia! Too bad you can't take the lawn, bush and Oak tree, too (not to forget Angie and Zeus. But it's going to look beautiful, anyway.

    Good luck and have a fun time at the Street Faire!