Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mane Has Been Blowing in the Wind for Quite Awhile!

Can you see my mane blowing in the wind? I was seventeen and this picture was taken by my high school senior year boyfriend, Lloyd B. I had totally forgotten about this photo, until I reconnected with him in Facebook. I am involved in searching out our fellow classmates for our high school reunion next year and Lloyd was on my list. I was looking at some of his current photos and suddenly remembered he had taken back then some pretty cool ones of me and my filly, Gedi. I went searching for them, no luck. And then about a week later, this photo album magically appeared on my art studio bookshelves and there it was. Isn't this cool, My Mane was Blowing in the Wind, even back then!


  1. this is my fav all time post of yours ever.
    gorgeous. breath-taking. the main mane.

  2. That is a pretty cool photo.
    I'm glad you found it.
    Thank you for sharing.