Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's New in the Studio: REORG!

Voila! On My Way to a Studio Worthy of Photographing!
Must be the spring cleaning bug! Actually I'm getting ready to go into production with custom oriels and new designs...and I just couldn't move in the studio! (See below!)
Beginning Studio Reorg (already removed most items on the back tables)
I needed to breath fresh life into my art space plus have items in reach. I am on Day 2 and definitely making headway. The first thing I am doing is carrying items into the kitchen and onto any available surface in order to free up space in the art studio. Then I start rearranging and styling. I've liked going through and touching every item, throwing away what's not interesting anymore, rediscovering items long hidden or forgotten, and re-purposing boxes and baskets for storage and display. I also bought some incredible mannequins on which to display my oriels, both in the studio and in any street fairs this summer. So I've incorporated them into the back wall.
"New" Antique Abercrombie and Fitch Store Mannequin
and Pier One Wire Mannequin

Pier One Wire Mannequin and Oriels
The back tables are almost finished. But I'll probably change them around once I start soldering and assembling the pendants. I am changing around what I store in the green cupboard behind me and the closet across the table from where I work. Next to tackle is the soldering station and the finishing station. I haven't felt this much energy and movement in years. Here's hoping it lasts!

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