Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 23

2010 Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 23: Prepare to Flower
This time of the year it is very easy to feel the beauty that resides within oneself if you just consider it. Just look without -- spring has sprung into its full beauty: birds fly and call and swoop and mate and build nests; grass grows in all directions creating ragged, impulsive haircuts; bees swarm, hummingbirds hover; the sun feels like a soft cloak on your shoulders; blue skies thrill the brain. It's not so difficult to say to yourself, "Maybe, just maybe, this gorgeousness is a reflection of me, maybe it feels like a small part, but maybe I can claim a piece of this beauty for myself." Go ahead. Do it.

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  1. hey, i think it describes me! lol... my ongoing project and how i am feeling right now...