Sunday, April 4, 2010

2009-10 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 365

2009-10 Daily Journal Page Challenge --Day 365: I Have Learned to See
OK. This is the REAL finish to my 2009 Daily Journal Page Challenge. I'm blaming my "false end" (at Day 356) on dyslexia. It's amusing to me that a subconscious part of me was willing to stop ten days short of my goal. Well, thanks to my brother's kind Facebook comment, I relaunched my self into my challenge and today, April 4, completed it for real. What a fantastic journey it's been. And as I had so hoped, I have strengthened a daily creative habit, started taking art lessons, and seen that I can set a goal and keep to it, with a few dalliances here and there, but my eyes firmly remained on the prize.

Can I do this another year? Seems a bit daunting in some ways. Yet also a true challenge of heart, intention, and creativity. So, I have decided to reundertake my personal art challenge of a journal page a day for another year! I am sure in some ways it will be tougher, but I am interested to see if I can meet all of my internal and external objections, diversions, and reasons to slack off, back up, run off. Who knows -- maybe it will be easier than I think! I am sure it will take me deeper into my creative self.

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  1. Most definitely a more deeper, creative self... I do love the journal pages where u added watercolor ... u had me fooled on some, the watercolor definitely blended in well!.