Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sister Journals: Mexican Sunshine, Laughter and Love

Virginia's Mexican Journal 2010 (Cover)

Mary's Mexican Journal 2010 (Cover)
My sister Mary and I spent another enriching vacation in Mexico together this past month. We created art at all hours of the day and night, power walked the early morning streets of La Penita de Jaltemba, and drank cappuccinos seaside in the afternoons, watching my dolphin husband Munro body board in the Mexican surf. A glorious, healing, life-affirming seven days in which we renewed ourselves creatively and lovingly affirmed the importance of each other in our lives.

This year we created artist trading cards (ATCs) for one another (I'll post some of these later. I also brought two small Paperblank journals for us to alter. Mary's book is filled to the brim with positive, self-affirming pages that spill out from between the covers. My pages vary between self-reflective, playful, serious, wishful. I also tried to draw a bit and would often collage over some of my drawings. Both journals are soul-full, burst with color, and are a bit confrontive -- just like we are. I'll be posting more journal pages from that vacation as I get the time to upload them.

It's Your Gift (from Mary's Journal)

Align CenterWhat's Next (from Virginia's Journal)

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  1. Great pages! How I long for a retreat to pump up the creative juices and to do it with a friend would be divine!
    Thanks for sharing your fantastic art work! A great way to start my morning.