Monday, February 15, 2010

2009-10 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 317

2009-10 Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 317: Where Can You Find Heaven
I was talking with a friend about the idea of heaven. The possibility that heaven exists. The probability that it doesn't. But I believe heaven exists and that it is all around us. We just don't have the capacity to see, hear, feel, taste it because we are too busy focusing on the world around us; we are too wrapped up in minutia, in the daily grind, and all those formulas that say: "x + y = Z" and only that. But I'm not giving up on heaven in the here and now -- I'm going to keep moving towards that and maybe, just maybe it will happen. I've nothing better to do.


  1. well that line and pic got me... u and i know u can find heaven anywhere... its all in what u r looking for and whether one recognizes it.

  2. Yes, I agree. Heaven is in the moment...from moment to's just where you put your focus -- on what's going wrong...or on what is the truth -- usually it's right under your nose!