Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Mother's Heart

Well, I was visiting some of my favorite blogs and stopped by The Dance of a Painted Lady, who in a recent post speaks most lovingly about trees. A kindred spirit, I thought about my most favorite tree in the world that resides on Deer Island. She's a California Bay Laurel that must be over 200 years old. I call her "The Mother". It's because I just feel so nurtured when I walk underneath her limbs. I have written about her several times here and I will most likely mention the great lady again, because she consistently brings a feeling of magic to my life. I took these pictures yesterday, it was still very wet and gray out. I took them because as I stood on the outskirts of her dripping, draping canopy, I saw across the way that her limbs come together to form a heart. I couldn't believe it! It felt like such coincidence, a cosmic joke, and a beautiful, loving gift -- all rolled up into one! For me it is just one more thing that serves as evidence that life is so much more than what on the surface it appears to be.


  1. " is so much more than what on the surface it appears to be." Isn't that so true?! And I see exactly why you love her so much. The amazing heart gift aside, those draping branches just seem to invite one in to be hugged!

    "Meetings with Remarkable Trees" is one of my very favourite books. A book I wish I'd thought to write... imagine how wonderful the research must have been to do? Apparently the BBC are producing a series of short programmes with Thomas Pakenham about some of the trees in the book and others that he's met since... can't wait to see it!

  2. Oh, I am so glad -- it is just marvelous book -- thanks for the heads up and thanks for stopping by!