Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009-10 Daily Journal Pages Challenge...Day 284

2009-10 Daily Journal Pages Challenge -- Day 282: Images of an Unseen Past
Somehow this collage speaks of and takes me to not only the past, but the future. The modern woman, a young Nureyev as a toreador, an Islamic temple, and skies before a storm -- all of these images together imply motion, time travel, and the theory of time as a continuum or spherical in nature. Many of us, maybe not everyone, walk around and wonder is there more to this life? If you are fortunate to feel rich, if not monetarily but emotionally, does this richness extend and incorporate qualities of lives we have lived before and also perhaps are experiencing in the future? Speaking for myself, I suppose I won't know until I get there -- but the question adds a depth and color to my everyday meanderings and a hopeful expectancy.

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean re. "...lives we have lived before and are also perhaps experiencing in the future...."
    This sounds interesting-More, please...But no pressure :)

    "... Everyday meanderings and a hopeful expectancy. "-
    This is something I can relate to : The word " meandering " is a perfect description for how my days usually go....Great Word.

    * Hope * is what gives meaning and purpose to my life.
    If I took the attitude of, " Is that all there is ? " I would not be a happy camper.

    Thanks for the beautiful art-
    That man is ' hot ! '- But she doesn't look too sure.
    It's wise to be cautious where certain men are concerned. Yes ?

    Elizabeth Colvin