Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2009 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 248

2009 Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 248: Whatever Happens Naturally


  1. oh, i so agree.... we have no control over it and its best taken naturally....

  2. What I love about your journal entries, among many other things, is the way you use and subvert glossy culture all in one. I generally abhore gloss and yet I am drawn to what you do. You have a way of making these static images rethink what they're doing, doubt and experience expectation.

  3. Thanks Chrissy! And thanks koufax, you sweet talker you! Never thought about it from that angle -- but I can see what you're saying. I don't buy or read fashion mags -- never have -- but I do now just so I can reinvent some of the lovelies and repurpose the headlines and captions.