Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Grandmother's

My grandmother, Virginia Moremen Lindsay, was creative person: she sewed dresses and Easter bonnets for me, she crocheted, she drew, she painted, and she made ceramic bowls, horses, jaguars and panthers, and birds. I spent many hours in my childhood watching her working on some project. She would always give me something to work on -- a piece of clay, paper and crayons. But as talented as she was, I don't think she was a good teacher. I do not have memories of being encouraged by her, so I usually got frustrated because what I made always seemed fall short. I can't really blame her or my mother (the same talent and temperament) though, I think I just had to find my own way to art. There is a timing for everything in your life.

This beautiful display she made and I can remember how she would spend hours it seemed on a specific flower or the curve of the bird's wing. She made I think seven pieces in this series. My mom has the rest. I am so glad I was able to bring this one home with me.

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  1. Its gorgeous, V... I think she didn't instruct u because she thought u needed to find your own way to create.. If she gave u ideas, then it would be her project- NOT yours... tho at the time I bet it was frustrating.. But then again I think when u figured out how to do whatever piece, I bet it meant more to you...I know I feel that way whenever I have had to figure something out by myself ...