Thursday, November 5, 2009

Collage: Somewhere (Art Every Day for a Month)

Collage: Somewhere
I joined a blog challenge -- Art Every Day for a Month in November-- as a way to stretch myself creatively. The Challenge is hosted my Leah Piken Kolidas of Creative Every Day Blog. I have been wanting to explore and widen and deepen the few techniques I pull from and work on a bit larger platform than my small journals, so I felt this challenge would push me to do that.

Today I started with a left-handed (non-dominant) random drawing. It made me laugh that at the end I could see a swan in this mess, and not only a swan but one in Boston's Public Garden as well. Random drawing seems to be a great way for me to warm up creatively, although I find it a bit tedious and I feel like I'm in 2nd grade. The collage Somewhere came next and I just concentrated on filling the page with images. Not really thinking about anything specific -- I just want to see what emerges from my unconscious. Although it's interesting that I was pulled toward golds, coppers, and rust. Then I added blue iridescent chalk and oil pastels. Something is happening!
Random Drawing: Swan in the Public Garden

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  1. Love how you are embracing this challenge. It certainly has energized things for me but the thought of using my non-dominant hand... I may just have to try that... hmmmm.