Friday, November 27, 2009

2009 Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 236

2009 Daily Journal Page Challenge -- Day 236: Not All Luxuries Are This Difficult
It is a luxury to think about what other lives you might have lived. What other roads you might have taken. What makes it difficult is the temptation to stay in that dreamlike, storybook world. For me, it is a constant challenge to reaffirm that I made the right choices on this journey called life -- to acknowledge that some internal guidance system coaxed me, prodded me, pushed me, (and whacked me over the head when I wasn't paying attention) down a path that hasn't always been spelled out. Is it every spelled out if you stay in the question? Nah. Yet at this point in my life, I'm wondering just how many opportunities are left to learn who I really am. I am sure there's still a whole bunch of them, and -- I have this feeling they are going to get pretty creative!


  1. There is an annual daily journal challenge? I didn't realize this. Oh, my... could be an outlet once AEDM is over?

  2. I like what this journal page holds in store. So much could go on a page like this.

  3. Thanks Susie!

    And, Julie, this is a daily person art challenge that I set for myself in March of this year. That was before I found a host of art challenges on the internet -- I must have been hooking into the "stream" LOL! I am considering doing Leah's Creative Every Day starting in January -- so maybe you might want to consider that!

  4. I've enjoyed this, my first visit! I really like what you are creating here with your journal pages.

    Very nice!

  5. Calli -- thanks for visiting -- and I love the feeling you convey in your blogs and your artwork, very powerful, very liberating!