Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday

Although Happiness Week was scheduled to start today, it really started for me yesterday, so I am directing you to read yesterday's post. I'm on vacation and unexpected happiness has continued...I am in love with this totally unexpected delight of a vacation. Short -- only 2 days, but oh, the happiness meter is peaking and staying the course, and it has spilled into Monday and will probably carry me through the week, even though I return home tomorrow afternoon. A beautiful lake, with warm water to jump gleefully into every couple of hours, friends that are enjoying the place as much as my husband and I are. And the air -- there is nothing quite like the air here, especially late in the afternoon. It's magical...


  1. It looks and sounds magical indeed! Amazing what even a short perfect break can do for the spirits isn't it? Enjoy!!!

  2. virginia!. is that u? cool photo.... love that glass of champagne u r holding...

  3. I did, we are winding up the trip this morning with another swim or two in the lake and then back to the Bay Area (boo-hoo). But now I have a feeling that I can take with me and know I can access it whenever I want :)! And yes, that is me and my husband Munro, caught in the act of a duo dive!