Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daily Journal Page Challenge...Day 133

Daily Journal Page Creations -- Day 133: The Poetry of Time
Oh my -- where did this one come from? A snake, a canopy, a tribal cloth, and stilletos? And flames???? Oh, my!


  1. came from the deepest part of your imagination... sexy if i say so...the soles of those heels remind me of those expensive heels.. can't remember the name!.

  2. Thanks. What's vital in man often is not the most comfortable -- and neither are wearing those heels -- even if they do make your legs look GORGEOUS! I also like how if you stand back and look at this collage the snake and the bed canopy almost look like a set of jaws that have spit her out --- to bad I didn't see that before I glued down the legs LOL!