Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chrissy's Custom: Pendant Challenge -- Week 7

My blogger friend Chrissy asked me to make a custom oriel pendant of her 4-footed companion, Kalei, and her 2-legged, long-distance love, Eric. I started out with a photo Chris had taken of her beautiful cat, Kalei. I saw her in Chris's Southern California garden. Chris's photos of her garden's blooms are breath taking, so I took a few of her blog photos and miniaturized them in my creativity software program. I also added these cool miniature dried flowers I found in Mexico (they are used by nail manicurists!). I made this oriel 3D, so that it seemed as if Kalei was looking through the flowers. The more I worked with this oriel, the more it seemed that Chris's boyfriend Eric needed his own oriel. So I used hand-dyed ribbon and more dried flowers on the back of Kalei's garden pendant. I added a sterling silver flower charm and Swavorski crystal beads as a dangle.
I also made this oriel 3D. Eric lives in Hawaii, so I placed him in front of a crashing sea and sprinkled a few stars around him just for fun. On the back I put a picture of Chris and Eric -- when they first met. I added Swavorski crystals in sea colors and a sea turtle charm by my friend Beth of Hint Jewelry (by all means check her Etsy store and blog out!). The oriel is almost charm sized, but I liked the intimacy of that.

This is another one of my personal art challenges: to create a minimum of one oriel pendant per week. You can learn more about my oriel pendants by visiting my Kentucky Girl Etsy Shop. I find personal and communal art challenges an inspiring disciplinary approach to fostering creativity. My personal art challenges ensure that I do not put my art on the back burner -- wonderful new directions emerge as a result of stepping over my ambivalence and tendency towards self-criticism. Community art challenges have been a wonderful means of discovering creative friends and positive feedback. Another wonderful benefit of the internet!


  1. omg, i just finished doing a blog on the oriels!. your description is pretty close to mine tho, i did not know the flowers were from Mexico!. lol...I visited your friend's site at Etsy and omg, her jewelry is just what I like!.

  2. Yes, I love Beth's charms...I plan to keep incorporating them into my oriels...I loved the spread you did on your blog...thanks so much, my friend!

  3. How neat to see Hint's turtle charm paired with an amazing guy!! I love it :) My favorite of course is Kalei with those tiny flowers. How clever finding a new use for those flowers. I'm also enjoying how you create a sculptural frame. So nice and yummy! Thanks for the link to my shop and introducing Chrissy and I :)