Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brick Walls

The proverbial brick wall. I seem to keep running up against it. Seems like this late in my life I wouldn't be surprised by it anymore. I guess this is one of the challenges of life, running into brick walls, glitches, setbacks. But life is an illusion, isn't it? Brick walls are just the impetus to take another fork in the road, saunter on down a shady lane, sprint across a highway, shotgun out of another canon....I took this photo in London this spring while walking along the Regents canal. I loved the pink clematis spilling down from the top and the graffiti number seven sprayed next to it. In numerology, seven can mean transformation, movement from one world or state of being to another. So this is another alternative to viewing a brick wall -- as an opportunity for transformation. I can live with that.

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