Saturday, July 11, 2009

Three Earth Angels -- Pendant Challenge Week 2

I finished a custom oriel for a friend, which she is planning to give to her boss. It features her boss's three beautiful Burmese or Siamese cats. These three earth angels were a picture in themselves -- I really didn't need to do much to bring out their special qualities. My friend had asked for a green background, but I kept feeling that a light color -- sunshiney -- was needed. I kept being drawn to the center cat's gaze -- so openly bold, so wise, so centered. I was flipping through some images and found this photo of the interior of an Asian temple. It sparkled with light and you could see the face of the Buddha hanging on the wall. Somehow it seemed to be a fitting background for these Burmese companions. Were the other cats winking? I usually add sparkles or gems to my pendants, but they just didn't seem right. Instead I found a pewter mandala for the dangle and crafted an alter-style attachment for the necklace to attach to. Because one of the kitties has passed on -- I added a silver swallow to indicate the soul's release. Once completed, I pulled my hands to gether in a prayer shape and bowed to the enshrined meowsers. Purrrfect!

If you would like to learn more about my custom oriel pendants, please visit my Kentucky Girl Etsy Shop!


  1. omg, the photo is gorgeous to begin with.. I do love what u did to it as well as the embellishments...I am still in a quandry .. I love the pic of Kalei that I have on my sidebar and I also have an adult photo I took of her... btw how big is this oriel u did for your friend?

  2. Thanks Chrissy! The pendant measured 1.5 inches wide by 1 inch tall, plus 1/2 an inch more for the curlicue jumpring connector thingamajig on top. And I guess you should add on 3/8" for the dangle. If you send me the adult pic, I can tell you which one would work better in an oriel.