Friday, July 17, 2009

Stella in the Desert -- Pendant Challenge: Week 3

This week I completed a custom Earth Angel oriel for a fellow Etsy seller, Song and Branch. Karen creates whimsical, hand-thrown miniature ceramic animals. I love them and have purchased quite a few of her creatures for my own pleasure and as gifts for animal loving friends. Karen asked me to do a pendant of one of her dogs, Stella. I create my pendants from a very intuitive place, so I often sit quite a while with my custom requests, I let the images "brew" for a while, especially with the Earth Angels. Often I feel like the animal who is being featured "speaks" to me -- and I get very strong feelings about how they want to be featured, what colors to use, which charms and beads to select. It's very interesting how each animal's pendant evolves, and it is a very enjoyable process for me (and I must admit a little anxiety producing because it all comes down to whether the customer is satisfied with my depiction, or not). Stella was very "loud" in her pendant "requests," very much wanted to be featured in the forefront on both the back and front of the oriel, and what background I should use (and stars, there must be stars!). I have to laugh -- it may be all in my imagination -- but maybe, just maybe, there is some other wavelength I'm hooking into! I look forward to getting Karen's response as to whether or not I did Stella justice!

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  1. yes u did!... btw what does stella look like on the back? lol.... sent u an email...