Thursday, July 9, 2009

Journal Page Creations...Day 98

Journal Page Creations -- Day 98: My Idea of Happiness


  1. your art journal pages are looking great. I love this one, it's so true how our idea of happiness changes over time.

    currently, my idea of happiness involves a recipe for strawberry cake please....

  2. I like this one as well... Our idea of happiness changes constantly due to age and experience. I think the older u get the less materialistic one gets and also u tend to realize its the little things that make u happy..

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Chrissy, yes, it seems like over the years happiness for me has transformed from big moments to a stream of small moments, often linked together in ways that I don't often understand (or need to). Like Lisa's 5 Senses Fridays, except they are everyday, and it's up to me to wrap my awareness around them or not! Lisa, strawberry cake post coming soon!