Sunday, July 5, 2009

Journal Page Creations....Day 94

Journal Page Creations -- Day 94: Twenty-First Century Physics
Chemistry, physics -- I never did very well in those classes. However, I seemed to get an "A" in my second marriage. It's been pretty good, considering everything. Both children of alcoholic parents, we've had a lot of issues to deal with over the years. But we've managed to keep laughing and at the bottom line, take responsibility: if there's a difference in opinion, outlook, or taste -- and there always is -- then the "opposing" force is just a flipside of the coin. That somewhere I feel, or he feels the same way. Like he is my mirror, or I am his. So we really aren't that much different from each other. Guess there's chemistry or physics in that!

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  1. yep, chemistry.. i definitely have that w/Eric. right from the start... it was as if i had known him for years, the ease of talking, our similarities... even to this day he knows what makes me mad and we seem to know each other's schedules... tho there is distance we somehow know when the other is home...