Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Journal Page Creation...Day 90

Journal Page Creations -- Day 90: What's New
It is now approximately three months since I started my personal art challenge -- to create a journal page a day. This has been fun and not very difficult to do! And I am always amazed by what "appears" -- the colors used, the images chosen, the choice of accompanying text. And I love seeing the little journals stack up on my desk as I finish filling their pages. In the past few weeks I have even started to "muse" a bit on each journal posting. One thing I've noticed about this creative process, however, is that I have not made very many necklaces during this period of three months. Making Doree's custom last week was the first time in about 2 months that I have created a pendant! Maybe it's just a creative cycle, maybe I'm just winding up to anew phase of jewelry creation and marketing. I have set business goals and started designing a series of pendants that are "Twilight-inspired," which I plan to offer for sale in the early fall, but I need to work on other designs, too. I am going to extend this journal page challenge another month because I love it so. But I am also going to challenge myself to create a minimum of one pendant a week for the month of July. Man, I am pinning myself down. Well, why not, if not now?

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