Monday, July 6, 2009

A Crystalline Love -- Pendant Challenge: Week 1

This my first pendant for my Pendant a Week Challenge. This is a personal art challenge of creating a minimum of one oriel pendant a week. I created this Twilight-inspired piece in an hour. What is the fascination with vampires? I don't really know, but it has been a literary and movie subject that I have been engaged in for many years. Wierd, yes. But I am someone who was raised on Thriller, Outer Limits, and The Twilight Zone. So vampiric lore is not so out of the oridnary for one such as I. And it seems to have come back full circle with the arrival of the True Blood and Twilight series. Crystalline Love is a 3-D oriel. It features Bella and Edward sharing a moment together -- the moment just after he reveals to her his sun-reflecting, crystalline skin. He thought she'd be horrified -- instead she thought he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. The 3-D layers give the oriel a shadow box effect: the image of the lovers is merged with a redwood-edged green hill. The bottom layer is a foggy woods, sprinkled with golden strands that seem to reflect light. The glass front is bevaled. The oriel is embellished with a Swavorski crystal pendant, a small pewter heart, and diamond AB crystal beads.


  1. wow that turned out gorgeous!. i like what u embellished it with...

  2. Thanks! There is absolutely nothing prettier than a Swavorski crystal bead, rhinestone, or dangle! Well, of course there is, but I sure like using them!