Friday, July 17, 2009

Angelina on a Summer Evening Stroll

My white cat, Angelina Beautiquina, made an appearence in the garden this evening, sniffing various flowers, chewing a few leaves of grass, walking around the grounds with me. She moves through space like a white, fluffy powder puff, albeit one that waddles. I am often amazed at how these creatures, cats (and dogs), have chosen so willingly to live with us. I mean, why don't squirrels or birds or skunks? Cats and dogs, interact with us, listen to us, even watch TV with us. What a small miracle. Maybe a very big one!


  1. Animals do indeed enrich our lives. We have 6, (cats) all rescued over the years and each one unique in personality. We call them our little friends in fur pajamas.
    What a sweet picture of your Angelina.

  2. Well, as far as birds, I have them... The robins had a nest in my vines and their mama would let me look at them. after they were flying they still stayed in my yard... Now I have finches who wait every morning for me to add new seed... In fact I have a bunch of little yellow ones... I remember moving one of the feeders and realized the baby was still perched on it!. surprised that it was that trusting or not too 'bright'... lol...
    love that photo of your cat... mine has no desire to go out side which is good considering i wouldn't be able to get her if she ran off

  3. ...."friends in fur pjs" -- I love that description! And It's good to hear from the bird sector...I actually have an affinity for hawks, they fly over my house or my head when I'm out walking, and call out to me -- I call back, and have a back and forth convo going on....