Monday, June 22, 2009

Number 146

Since Mexico, I notice more and more the types of numbers people put on buildings. This house number, with its warped, plastic numbers, was on the side of a roadside shed that I drive by everyday. I've been thinking about photographing this shed for over a year, it's falling apart -- the blackberry bushes are pulling it down, and I doubt it will be standing next year. And then finally, yesterday, I swerved off the road, pulled over, put on my hazard lights and jumped out of the car with my camera. I love the mustard-colored 1 x 6, the curling edges, and the dark green ivy that serves as framing. In numerology, the number 146 adds up to 2, or intuition and the universal feminine.

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  1. gotta agree the mustard color as well as the bright white numbers... btw, the link to your email for the challenge group can't be opened.. firfox can't open it..