Thursday, June 25, 2009

Journal Page Creations...Day 83

Journal Page Creations...Day 83: Make It Worth Your While
I love experimenting with color. I am still a bit tentative initially, but my confidence has continued to grow over the years. For instance, here I sit at my red desk, in my yellow-walled office, with mustard and orange and red striped curtains and a floral lady's sitting chair in the corner. I have stretched myself "bigger" in this little office and taken some risks. I made it worth my while...Create with joy today and tomorrow and the next!


  1. the colors are so feminine.... yep risks are a bit scary but hey, once u've done it, that fear is gone

  2. Oh, for me the same fears are always hanging around, but once you throw your heart over the fence and follow it (old fox hunting adage) it does get a bit easier to not listen to them!