Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Journal Page Creations...Day 74

Journal Page Creations -- Day 74: A World of Beauty
I like this page (even though my handwriting is so scribbley). I like how she is wrapped in her blanket and looking into a green, hazy world. Even if it's a little murky, she is patiently waiting for that world to reveal itself. What's behind the words? And aren't words like a screen, really? Don't they often obscure and hide the truth of what's there, what's not? Maybe that's why some of us are artists -- why art appeals to so many of us -- we want to get to the essence, the truth of what's behind the words -- to a beautiful place.

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  1. Your handwriting is better than mine!.. I don't think I write in long hand any more except for my signature!. I agree artists do see beauty in everything...