Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Glue Pots, Cut Crystal and an Old Key

Glue Pots Scenario, originally uploaded by beautiful my mane.

Some Things I Love in My Studio:

  • A cut crystal glue pot with engraved silver handle/camel's hair brush that belonged to my great-grandmother
  • An old brass key that belonged to my mother
  • A newspaper clipping from the late 1800's of my great-grandmother
  • A fat, round vintage glue pot with a black wooden top/horse hair brush that I found in an antique store near my home
  • A cloisonne disc showing a woman brushing her hair
  • A 3-D reliquary that I made last year
Click on the photo to see the complete image!


  1. A glue pot? I have never heard of one..I love that brass key and the pic of your great grandmother.

  2. Yeah -- so old-fashioned, but paste and glue were stored in them and the brush is part of the top -- which either rests in the jar or bottle or screws shut. Thanks!